Lid Surgery

SURGICAL MANAGEMENT OF ALL LID ISSUES – Ectropion, Entropion, and Tumors, Trichiasis and Dermatochalasis (with Blepharoplasty).

What is Ectropion? : It is the eyelids turning outwards away from the eyeball. It often affects the lower eyelid in older patients. However, it can affect patients in the younger age group as well associated with trauma, burns and tumors.


What is Entropion? : This is the eyelids rolling inwards. And like Ectropion is often seen with aging population but can also be secondary to scarring and Eyelid spasm (Blepharospasm)


Dermatochalasis : Dermatochalasis is ” Baggy Eyelids” where there is excess skin on the eyelids. This can obstruct vision and can be quite uncomfortable.


Lid Masses and Tumors : These are more commonly Cysts and Skin tags. However, in patients after 60 it can be skin cancers as well.


Dr Vini has performed an extensive number of Eye Lid surgeries. They are day procedures done in hospital. Some small cysts and eyelid tumour biopsies can be done in her rooms.

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